In Matthew 22, the parable of the wedding feast, the King tells his servants to go into the street and invite everyone, good and bad, to come to the wedding feast. Good and bad are invited. ALL are invited! In this parable, the King instructs his troops to go into the streets and invite all.

Last Call 4 Grace does just that. We go to the motel rooms and our homeless community and invite them to “come to the wedding feast” as we minister to them. When we come into the presence of the King, we are not clothed in our righteousness but the righteousness of the Savior. The clothing is free and was paid for by Jesus on the cross. It is a gift! We encourage them to accept this gift.

Jesus’ ministry on earth most often took place where the people already were. Last Call 4 Grace goes where people already are. We seek to meet their most pressing needs and invite them to become part of the family of God. We do not cast stones or pronounce judgment but instead show them the love of Jesus Christ. We share that we are transformed from sinners to saints by the power of His blood.