Monthly Partners are crucial to the financial foundation of this Ministry.

Our donors who faithfully partner with us on a monthly basis help stabilize our budgeting process to keep this non-profit running smoothly.  Your generous gifts allow us to provide free counseling, need assessments, conduct placements into Christian Facilities when applicable, and provide food to our community’s homeless and near homeless.  We provide meals each week on Wednesdays and Fridays.  The cost to provide each complete meal ranges from about $250-$350 depending on the nature of the meal, feeding about 200 people per night. Please consider helping by committing to cook or provide monetary assistance on a monthly basis. Contact us to discuss how your gifts and talents can meet the needs of our community.

We like to acknowledge our monthly contributors’ commitment to our ministry by providing their name/logo/link below (only with their approval, of course).  The churches, organizations, and individuals listed here each cover the cost of a complete meal once per month.  If you or your organization are willing to assist in meeting these ongoing needs, please know that we serve meals 8-9 times per month and we would love your assistance.  Even if you are not able to take on the full responsibility of a complete meal, we can connect you with others willing to team up for a night.  (For instance, one night per month is covered by the teamwork of;  The Refuge (Smyrna), Church of the Holy Cross, The Church of God Murfreesboro, Believer’s Chapel, Renewed Life Ministries, and a select group of volunteers.). We really need at least 15 committed groups so we are able to provide relief to those currently serving consistently every month.  Thank you for considering Last Call 4 Grace as an opportunity to pour into your community.