You Can Help By Volunteering

To help yourself is good.
To help others is divine.

Imagine the wonderful feeling you’ll get from helping someone change their lives, people who really need a hand as they cling precipitously to their broken lives. That’s why we’d love for you to join the mission to change lives by volunteering in whatever way suits you best. That could be time, monetary donations, or even donation of needed items.

Volunteers play such an important and valuable role in our ministry to the broken, poor, and orphaned. The community of Murfreesboro benefits from the work of individuals like you who are willing to freely share their talents, time and resources. We also know that as a volunteer, you will be rewarded greatly by our Heavenly Father.

Plus, once you begin volunteering, you become a part of a group that supports you, prays for you and with you, and is here for you day after day.

So just remember, Compassion is the conduit of care. Show your compassion by joining hands with us today. If your interested in volunteering, you must be willing to pass a background check. Let us know your interest in volunteering by filling out the form.


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Last Call 4 Grace Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. Thus, we rely solely on your donations and fund raisers to keep the ministry active. Any monetary gifts or donations we receive are tax-deductible and 100% of our funding goes toward helping the needy because everyone on staff are volunteers. So it’d be amazing if you also wanted to donate time or expertise, just give us a call. We’re all about the calling.