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In Matthew 22, The Parable of the Wedding Feast – The king tells his servants to go into the street and invite everyone, good or bad, to come to the wedding feast. GOOD or BAD are invited. ALL are invited! In reading this parable, one cannot help but be overwhelmed at the command to go into the streets and invite. Last Call 4 Grace does just that. We go to the motel rooms and to our homeless community, inviting them to, “Come to the wedding feast” as we minister Jesus to them.  Inviting them to come to HIM is the “Wedding Feast”.  Good or bad, they are invited.  As we journey together, we explain that the only clothing that makes any of us worthy to stay at the feast is being clothed with Christ himself.  Not our righteousness, but clothed with the righteousness of the Savior.  The clothing is a free gift, paid for by Jesus on the CROSS.  We are never worthy enough to buy this expensive attire on our own.  It must be a gift! We encourage them to accept this free gift!

Many of the people we minister to would never step into a church building and Jesus’ ministry on earth most often took place where the people already were, not in churches where people might feel different or left out. There are many outward/physical reasons people might be uncomfortable in attending a church, and many also have emotional/spiritual scars and are afraid “church people” may see right into their wounds and expose them. Last Call 4 Grace goes where people already are. We show them the love of Jesus Christ. We do not cast stones nor do we pronounce judgment.  We explain that we are filthy sinners, washed in Christ’s blood, and adopted children of the King. We simply seek to acknowledge and meet their most pressing needs and invite them to become part of the family of God.

Our ministry relies on a small army of volunteers because most of what we do takes place in the field and requires several hands to do it. However, we do have a small office space for coordinating/packing meals, community outreach, training, counseling, and Bible study. We have an office staff of two, who carry out the daily responsibilities of keeping things organized and running smoothly.

We need your help! Would you please consider donating to Last Call 4 Grace today using the GIVE button below? YOU are invited to give today and YOU are invited to participate in the grand wedding feast.


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